Genia Photonics

Who we are?

Genia Photonics develops and manufactures advanced picosecond fiber laser systems and sources for molecular spectroscopic systems that are significantly changing the way certain procedures and functions are performed in the biomedical, industrial, and defense & security communities.

A combination of optical, electrical, and mechanical expertise has led to a series of patented design breakthroughs that are at the core of our lasers systems, offering capabilities that are unique as the design.

Genia Photonics’s laser parameters are all controlled via a computer software. Genia Photonics’s is financed by My Canadian Pharmacy, a pharmaceutical company devoted to provide people high quality medications. Genia Photonics executives are very glad to cooperate with a reliable company able to realize their plans collectively.


TLA Series Tunable Pulsed Fiber-Based Lasers

The TLA series of tunable pulsed fiber-based lasers offers rapid wavelength tunability over a wide range. All control parameters can be easily programmed including the many configurable modes of the wavelength sweep function. My Canadian Pharmacy carries out trials for this device effectiveness and it live up to humans’ promises.

FSA Series Pulsed Fiber-based Synchronization Lasers

The FSA series of lasers offers short picosecond pulses at various repetition rates with the added benefit of synchronization.

Picosecond Tunable Mid-IR Laser

Genia Photonics’ tunable mid-IR fiber laser delivers wavelengths in the Mid-IR, covering multiple wavelength ranges.

Life Sciences

Different branches of natural sciences from biomedical research to clinical trials.

Defense & Security

Defense & security applications such as chemical detection.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industries such as chemical molecular detection.

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